The Typical Breakfast

Fried Rice with Steamed Beans

Most of Myanmar people prepare their breakfast at home. Popular breakfast is a kind of fried rice with steamed beans sold by vendors in the early morning. Some families prefer to put an egg and sausage together with the fried rice and some together with dried fish. This is the most common, tasty and nutritious breakfast for Myanmar families.


The most popular breakfast in Myanmar is Mohinga which is a kind of peppery fish soup including rice and bean powder. The hot fish soup is eaten together with Rice vermicelli. Some people prefer to eat this in addition of crispy fried bean, slices of fish cake or boiled egg to enhance the taste. MonHinGa is more popular in lower part of Myanmar which is used to eat not only as breakfast, but also the whole day.

Coconut Milk Noodle (Ohn No KaukSwe)

Coconut milk noodles is also one of the Myanmar favorite breakfasts. It is a kind of soup prepared with curried chicken, bean powder, and coconut milk and small amount of sugar included. It is eaten with wheat noodles accompanying with slice onion, chili powder and lime.

Noodle Salad

The wheat noodle salad is popular for breakfast which most people prepared at home as well as can easily buy at many food shops in morning bazaar. It is mixed with dried shrimps powder, bean powder, shredded cabbage and onion, dressed with fried peanut oil, fish sauce and tamarind liquid. Some people enhanced the salad with crispy fried bean and boiled egg.

Lunch for Myanmar Style

A typical Myanmar meal includes rice as a main item accompanying dishes such as curried fish or meat or poultry dish, a soup with sour, sweet taste or bean soup, fried vegetables and a curried sauce of pickled fish (fish paste) to go with fresh or boiled vegetables. Traditionally, Myanmar people eat with their right hand. Spoon is mostly used for dishes. But, as the changes of living style that spoon and fork are used in many restaurants and homes as well as people are not having a meal on a low table nowadays. Myanmar people usually eat fresh meals. So that shopping and cooking are daily routine for housewife. Myanmar likes sour, salty and spicy tastes and most of the dishes look oily. Different styles of cooking depending on regions or local ethnic minorities as well as some Myanmar cuisine has been influenced by Chinese, Indian and Thai.



In Myanmar, fruits are commonly served as dessert after a meal. Seasonal fruits like mango, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, durian, banana and orange are popular for desserts. Tea leaves salad called “Lahpet”  with fried peas, peanuts and garlic, toasted sesame, tomato, green chili, crushed dried shrimps, preserved ginger and dressed with peanut oil, fish sauce and lime is the most famous food or dessert among Myanmar people. The typical style of well known dessert is sugar cane used to eat with Chinese tea is the tradition of rural people.

Traditional Dress

In Myanmar, males wear ‘Longyi’ and females wear ‘Hta main’.

Both are sewn into cylindrical shape with the size approximately 6*3.5 fts.

But the patterns of clothes and style of wearing are different.

Male usually wears a collarless white shirt or normal shirt or T-Shirt with longyi.

Sometimes they put a Myanmar style overcoat called ‘TitePon’.

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